What sex does to our brain

When we think of sex such as when there is a trigger, like a good-looking person passing by, we may get aroused. Our brain is often referred to as the biggest sex organ of the physical body, and for very good reason. 

Brain Is Activated 

Studies have shown that pleasure and desire activates a variety of areas in the brain including the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, nucleus accumbens, and ventral tegmental area. These areas are responsible for creating and maintaining those incomparable pleasurable sensations like during sex acts with a Bronx escort

This helps explain why people often feel utterly relaxed and very satisfied after they’ve had an enjoyable sexual experience, be it alone or with others. Those pleasurable sensations can make the brain have those fireworks that do fill the mind with orgasmic delight. 

That Good Feeling

One area of particular interest is the prefrontal cortex which plays an important role in our ability to make decisions, control behaviors, and regulate emotions. During arousal it becomes more active than usual, thus allowing us to focus on what feels good sexually while simultaneously inhibiting thoughts or activities that may interfere with that pleasure. 

Our mind gets focused on the sexual activity and it reacts with pleasurable sensations to those stimulating touches of the body. When we feel so good about sex, there are only waves of heightened feelings that come from skin touching skin. The brain may bring about arousal but to orgasm, the body needs to be touched, especially in the areas of the sex organs. 

Sexy woman in bed holding red book.

Hormonal Activity 

The hypothalamus is also important because it produces those love hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine which are said to be responsible for increasing those incomparable feelings of sexual arousal, untamed desire and satisfaction, and the physical bonding feeling during a sex act. In addition to these love hormones, the release of certain neurochemicals such as serotonin further contribute to satisfaction. 

Body And Mind 

Sex is much more than just a physical act. It can have profound positive effects on our minds and bodies. We experience an increased trust and that special attachment for our partners. 

In addition to its effects on forging relationships, sex can also have a domino of positive effects, such as increasing our self-confidence. The feeling of being desired and achieving orgasm brings about more than sexual satisfaction as it gets rid of stress and alleviates tension.

Men Need To Have Sex

Sex was viewed as a means of procreation to be confined within the bonds of marriage. Times have greatly changed that mind set. Sex is now considered as necessary, especially for men to prevent their having prostate cancer. 

In Conclusion

We all know that sex makes us feel good and what it does to our brain, such as bringing about such a relaxing feeling that we want to drift off to sleep. Those mind-blowing orgasms are the reaction of our brains to great sex. Our desire to make out with the same person again and again is because our mind recalls the pleasure we obtained from him or her.